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Phone Line

$22.50 / mo

DRN offers all the essential phone services you expect, plus advanced features that make it easy to keep in touch. Try our stand-alone phone service, with toll-free in-area calling, for $22.50* a line per month.

Calling features


Conference Calls


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Local Service

About Local Service

DRN customers can call anywhere within DRN’s service territory toll free. Local service pricing is $22.50* for both residential and business customers.

*Taxes, Federal Subscriber Line Charges, Federal Universal Service Charges, E911 Charges, Telecommunications Relay Service, other federal or state charges are not included.

Long Distance

About Long Distance

With North Dakota Long Distance through DRN, your local and long distance service is on one bill!


Telephone Assistance Programs

Every person in America should have access to quality, affordable telecommunications service. Lifeline helps eligible people pay a portion of their telephone or broadband costs.

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