Traditional TV for the modern viewer.

TV Offerings

Ultimate Family TV

Our full channel lineup, including music channels.

$109.98 / mo

Value TV

Includes all local channels, for the casual viewer.

$40.00 / mo



Looking for crystal-clear TV
service, rain or shine?

DRN offers digital cable television service with sports, community announcements, and local channels, backed by our friendly customer service. Plus, enjoy the convenience of a single bill for all your communication and entertainment services—and no contract.

*A phone or Internet agreement is required to subscribe to TV.

Package deal

Big Gig + TV

$253.97 / mo

Want to watch more
and pay less?

We can help you find the perfect mix of streaming services and traditional/live TV. Answer a few quick questions to create your personalized TV package.

Looking for more?

Streaming Set Top Boxes

Business & hospitality TV

Business customers are subject to certain rules regarding the availability of TV channels. These rules depend on whether the business can be classified as hospitality or non-hospitality. Hospitality is defined as a commercial subscriber that is either licensed to serve alcohol on-premise or derives at least 80% of its revenues from the sale of food or beverages.  Examples of hospitality businesses include, but are not limited to, restaurants and bars.